In general, politics is a complex subject; and it is difficult to come up with “perfect” solutions that satisfy everyone. In the case of Iran, the level of complexity is exacerbated because of the diverse cultural and political ideologies that exist throughout the country. We have studied and analyzed the complexity of the situation in Iran, and have come up with fair and practical solution that allows everyone to have a voice in shaping the future of the country. As the result, our proposed framework offers a comprehensive solution that unites all Iranians.

We understand that millions of people have no choice but to work for the regime, only to put food on the table for their families. Moreover, such people will need to have some level of assurance that their livelihood will not be affected under a new regime. With our approach, most employees of government-related organizations will retain their jobs, or will be transferred to another organization depending on their suitability and qualifications. Naturally, this encourages people to join civil disobedient movements without fearing of persecution by the next regime.

Another aspect of our approach concerns our novel election system which uses a unique combination of traditional media methods, such as printed newspaper, as well as new technologies, such as computerized databases and Internet. The motivation to develop an accurate and traceable voting system stems from the fact that the majority of Iranians have witnessed numerous staged referendums or elections under the Islamic Republic regime. Our election system allows everybody to discreetly monitor the election process, and personally validate the accuracy of the casted votes.

The cornerstone of our framework rests on our impartial approach. On one hand, as members of The Council, we do not seek to shift the future political system of Iran in a biased direction. On the other hand, we recognize that the public needs to be educated about the variety of political systems prior to conducting any referendum or election. Hence, as part of our program, we will provide ample air-time (on the National Radio and Television) to political parties to introduce their ideologies and plans for leading the country. Obviously, we will respect the will of the people irrespective of how they vote; we just hope that this time they choose wisely.

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