Ever since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, our people have been enduring oppression and hardship; to the point that in the recent years life has become extremely unbearable for the majority of ordinary people. Consequently, the Iranians are rapidly losing hope of any progress under the current corrupt and tyrannical regime. Indeed, the general opinion is that the only solution to the current situation is a regime change. Obviously, the iron-fist dictatorship of the Islamic Republic makes it impossible for the local people to gather around any opposition leadership that may exist within the country. So, we fill this void by forming an interim pseudo-government that will help the Iranians to rise up, and depose the current regime without any concerns over the existence of a political power vacuum.

We are a group of secular Iranians living inside Iran and abroad. Our associates are distinguished individuals in their own rights, and come from different backgrounds (scientists, doctors, lawyers, armed forces, and other fields). Yet, we all share the common goal of helping the Iranians to pave the path for a democratic society. We believe that our goal is noble, and in the interest of world peace. For this reason, we have come up with a practical framework that will empower the Iranians to rise up and take charge of the country.

At present, we operate in a semi-stealth mode to protect the identity of our associates; especially those living inside Iran. As soon as it is safe to do so, we will officially introduce all of our associates. Rest assured, you will be impressed with our team as each and every one of them offers sound judgement, integrity, and leadership skills to steer the country through the transition period.

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